Finished Projects

The past few days I have been working on re-doing the laundry room and I am finally done!
Check it out: Bubbles hand painted all over the place ( starting just above the baseboards) looking like the washer overflowed and bubbles are flying everywhere. I really love it!

Bubbles in the laundry 

AND....I actually finished a craft project. Amazing.
I have a tendency to start WAY too many projects and then it takes me forever to actually finish any of them.

This, though, was a necessity.
1. I burned my other oven mitt(oops)
2. This Fabric is so bright and fun for an oven mitt (It's Pop Dot Red) how could I resist?

This was super easy, I just used my old (burned up) oven mitt as a template.

Oven Mitt

Feeling pretty good that I've been so productive!


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